Proyecto bilingüe

 Welcome to our school!!

“Santo Reino” has been a bilingual secondary school since 2018 and we have welcomed language auxiliaries from UK and USA, who have enjoyed their teaching experience in the pleasant and rewarding context of our classrooms.

Most of our students are very polite, eager to participate in the activities proposed and their English proficiency level is very good as well. We really enjoy teaching them and I hope you will too.

I am sure that you will integrate in our helpful teaching staff without any problem. We are around 45 teachers among whom you will feel at ease.

Our village, Torredonjimeno, has around 13.545 inhabitants and it is a quiet and secure place to live, where the cost of living is not high. And the best of all, it is very well connected to the capital city, Jaén, and to other important cities such as Granada, Córdoba, Málaga or even Madrid. 

Have a look to the following presentation and the document below, which gathers other useful links and information to you. 


Information sheet for Language Assistants

    • Watch a video about our province in this link.
    • You can watch a presentation about our village and school in this link.
    • A very important lankmark in our village is our Castle. Find more about it in this link.
 Proyecto bilingüe